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Winner of Startup Weekend Melbourne 2013

Road Angels thanks you for your ongoing support in developing community roadside assistance.

We've been featured on CNET, StartupSmart and Shoestring.

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Roadside Assistance from the people you trust

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Alert your Facebook friends when you need Roadside Assistance. Get help quickly by offering a reward to the people you trust.

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Smart breakdown advice from Road Angels Rick

Road Angels Rick is your in-app mechanic who helps you diagnose problems & offers advice to get you back on the road quickly.

Test your motoring knowledge

Prove yourself with the fast-paced Road Angels Companion Quiz. Race against the clock to answer as many questions as possible.

Unlock achievements, stack multipliers & play against your friends, all while improving your knowledge.

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Increase your ranking & gain Angel Points

Be rewarded with Angel Points as you navigate the app, unlock achievements & play the Companion Quiz.

Bank as many Angel Points as you can for additional ranks & keep them safe for rewards later on!

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