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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Response Times

What are the current assistance provider and towing response times?

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, Australia-wide assistance provider response times may be 1 – 1.5 hours for flat battery, flat tyre, fuel delivery assistance requests. Vehicle towing requests can experience delays of 2 – 4 hours due to staff shortages. The extended response times are expected to be temporary and should return to normal in the coming weeks. Please note that our assistance providers will contact you to advise of any delays.

How it Works

How do I request roadside assistance with Road Angels?

Simply click the Get Help button to request assistance. You will then be guided through our online web app and once complete, appropriate help will be dispatched via a one-time, call out fee. The entire process is super easy.

What services does Road Angels provide?

Road Angels provides all basic roadside assistance services – replacing flat tires (with your spare), jumping or replacing flat batteries and the delivery of appropriate fuel when your tank is empty. If your problem is more involved, we offer a towing service to the nearest repairer within 10km of your location. We do not currently service lockouts or motorcycles.

What if I am unsure what my vehicle problem is?

Road Angels provides services for flat batteries, flat tyres, fuel delivery and towing. If you are unsure of your issue, we recommend selecting the closest issue and providing as much description as possible when you create the assistance request using our web app. Alternatively, you can also request a tow to your nearest mechanic so they can assess and fix the problem.

Which areas of Australia do Road Angels provide service?

Road Angels provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across mainland Australia, Tasmania, Phillip Island and any other area that is trafficable by a two-wheel drive recovery vehicle. If your vehicle is in a remote location, we recommend that you contact us via our contact form, to ensure that our assistance providers can provide adequate coverage in this area.

What happens when I make a request?

Once your assistance request has been made via our online web app, you will be matched with an appropriate service provider close to your location. When your provider is on their way, you will be notified in our web app or via SMS. Please remain safely with your car at all times. If our provider arrives at the scene of the breakdown and your car is unattended or you do not have keys with you, we will be unable to carry out any work. Once an assistance provider is dispatched, payment will be required for a call out.

Can I request assistance at a specified time?

Road Angels is an on-demand roadside assistance service and provides immediate assistance when you need it. This means that you can request assistance at the time you require it and our provider will attend immediately. Once your assistance is requested and your provider is dispatched, you will not be able to change the time or shift it to a different date.

When should I expect a response from a provider?

It should take no longer than 15 minutes to match you with a provider. Once matched you will receive an SMS with confirmation that a provider is on their way to your location. If our providers are occupied and unable to process your request within 15 minutes, you will be notified immediately. Any payment will be fully refunded.

What happens after I’ve been helped?

Once your provider has arrived and helped you back onto the road, simply shake their hand and drive away. There’s no messy paperwork to sign, or payments to be made – everything is handled within our online web app.

Can I leave my vehicle?

Once you have made an assistance request, please stay with your vehicle until your assistance provider arrives. If you are not at your vehicle or your provider is not able to contact you, they will not be able to provide assistance and our callout fee will still apply.

What if my vehicle is parked off street or in an undercover parking lot?

Please ensure that you enter your phone number and address correctly, as your assistance provider may not be able to see your vehicle if it is parked off street or undercover. You can also advise of your vehicle’s location in the description box when you make an assistance request. If a provider cannot see your vehicle, they will call to confirm your location. If your contact details are incorrect, your provider will still travel to your location to locate your vehicle and a callout fee will still apply.

What happens if I want to cancel an assistance request?

Please consider carefully before confirming your assistance request as this action will lead to the dispatch of a highly skilled technician to assist you. Once your technician has been requested, you will not be able to cancel your request and will initiate a one time fee for your assistance call out. It is recommended that you remain with your vehicle until your technician arrives, as you will still incur a call out fee if you have booked an assistance request, but are not present at your location at the expected time. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Secure Payment

Is there a joining fee?

Road Angels has zero joining fees and no ongoing subscription fees. When you need assistance, simply make a request via our web app and we’ll help you out immediately.

How do I pay for my Road Angels service?

Payment for a roadside assistance call out and is made via credit card, through our website. Once you have submitted your details, a skilled technician will be automatically dispatched to assist you. Road Angels charges a once off fee for  your call out and assumes you have provided the correct information for us to assist you.

How secure is the Road Angels payment gateway?

All payment information storage and processing is performed by Braintree, a PayPal company. Your payment details are completely secure with full PCI compliance when using the Road Angels web app.

Flat Batteries & Battery Replacement

What is the process when I have a flat battery?

When you make an assistance request for a flat battery, our technician will attempt to recharge your battery and may recommend a battery replacement if it is significantly discharged. You will have the option to decide if you would like to replace the battery, at an additional cost specified by your technician.

Will I need to visit my dealer after I change my battery?

Some vehicles may require a dealer to reset your vehicle settings after replacing a battery, to fully restore functionality and services. This is a normal procedure and is based on that the power to your vehicle’s computer has been disabled during the battery changeover. Your technician will advise if this is required, during the replacement.

Flat Tyre Assistance

Is there anything I need to do before requesting flat tyre assistance?

Please check the condition of your spare tyre before calling us, as your replacement tyre will need to roadworthy. If you have not checked the roadworthiness or air pressure of your spare tyre for some time, your tyre can develop issues and may not be able to be inflated. We recommend that you request a tow to your nearest tyre specialist if you are unsure about your tyre.

Can I request flat tyre assistance if I have multiple flat tyres?

In the instance that you have two or more flat tyres, your vehicle will need to be towed. Please check this before requesting assistance and choose the towing option.

How do I request assistance if my vehicle does not carry a spare tyre?

If your vehicle does not have a spare tyre and you require tyre assistance, you will need to select the towing option. This will ensure that a tow truck is dispatched to assist you.

My tyre or a related component such as the screws are damaged

If your tyres or tyre screws have been damaged, our assistance provider may not be able to assist you. We recommend that you request a tow to your nearest mechanic or dealership.

Can you remove a tyre with security lock nuts without the original key tool?

If you have custom wheels on your vehicle with security lock nuts, we will require the original key tool for us to remove your tyre. If you do not have this, you should request a tow to your nearest mechanic or dealership. We recommend that you call them in advance to confirm they have the ability to remove custom lock nuts, as not all workshops will provide this service.

Towing & Replacement Parts

How does it work?

When you request a tow, your towing provider will be immediately dispatched to tow your vehicle to the destination you have specified. We recommend that your vehicle is towed to a qualified mechanic or dealership to resolve complex issues. Please be aware that your towing provider is engaged to tow your vehicle only and will not provide other technical services.

How far can I have my vehicle towed?

We provide towing for up to 10kms under our single flat pricing structure. When using our app to enter your location and towing destination, the distance between the two points will be automatically calculated. Towing for distances greater than 10kms is not currently provided.

Can I receive towing if my car is located in an underground, undercover or multi-level car park?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide towing from underground, undercover or multi-level car parks, as this requires specialised towing vehicles.

I need replacement parts for my vehicle

If your vehicle requires replacement parts or the problem is more involved, we recommend towing to the nearest repairer within 10Km. This will be best course of action to getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

What if my vehicle is on a hill or not easily accessed?

When requesting towing, please ensure that your vehicle is clearly accessible by a towing truck. It should be in a clear area where a tow truck can park nearby and assist you. If you are on a steep hill, a tow truck will not be able to park on the incline so we will not be able to help. If you are unsure if a tow truck can assist, please contact us prior to making your request. A call out fee may apply if you request towing and your vehicle is clearly not accessible.

Can I change my towing destination after i’ve booked it?

Please note that after you have made an assistance request and specified your towing destination, your destination will be locked in and cannot be changed.

Trailers & Caravans

Can you change a flat tire on my trailer?

Road Angels can replace a flat tire with your spare, on your caravan or trailer. Please note, we are currently unable to provide towing services for trailers and caravans.

Damage or Accidents

My vehicle was in an accident or has been damaged

If your vehicle is damaged, your technician may be unable to perform your requested service and you will need to request a tow. Road Angels cannot assist or tow vehicles that have been in a motor vehicle accident.


Why am I unable to detect my location?

When making an assistance request, our intelligent web app automatically detects your location. If the location services setting is disabled on your mobile phone, you will receive a prompt to enable it. We recommend that this setting is active to receive the most efficient response. If you attempting to request assistance via a desktop PC, please switch to a mobile phone for optimal results.

Get Help Now

Can I get immediate help now?

Yes! Make an assistance request via our web app. You can monitor the progress of your assistance request and you’ll receive an SMS to confirm your provider is on their way. Get help now.

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